Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Charlie's Secret Treasure

“Charlie's Secret Treasure”
By Jennifer Moerschel
 Charlie Nix has three sticks
that he keeps with him everyday.
His three sticks attract baby chicks
when he holds them in a certain way.
He loves baby chicks,
so he keeps his three sticks
on a string around his neck.
His favorite picks of those baby chicks
are the two white ones from yesterday.
 He takes his three sticks to school and in class
He heard his teacher say,
“Charlie Nix, tell us about your sticks, in show and tell today."
A little nervous to tell about his sticks,
Charlie Nix gave his story away.
He told about his sticks attracting baby chicks
in a very funny way!
They all thought Charlie Nix
had something they needed to fix
after hearing his story that day.
So they tried to get his sticks
and he had to take some licks,
but never could they steal them away!
Little Charlie Nix
thought he would get some kicks
at school without delay.
 So he brought his baby chicks,
put them in the mix
and hoped they’d not run away.
 Once again, Charlie Nix
showed his favorite sticks
to his classmates on Friday.
 He brought out his baby chicks
and when he’d held his three sticks
in a very certain way,
The whole class saw those sticks
attracting baby chicks and cried,
“Charlie Nix, Hurray!”

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