Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kevin's Bedtime

“Kevin’s Bedtime”
Jennifer Leigh Moerschel

My mom says that eight is too late
 For me to go to bed.

So at seven I hear,
“Kevin it’s time to go to sleep”, instead.

Over and over she has heard my plea,
“Tonight, I should go to bed at eight, 
It is not too late for me!”

But my mom never budges; she never gives in!
It is always the same, this argument I cannot win!

So into bed I woefully go.
I cannot fall asleep at seven;
I have told her so.

I try to get comfortable; I try to rest…

My sheets feel scratchy!
My pajamas are too tight!
My pillow is not fluffy!
Things just don’t feel right!

My throat is thirsty.
My leg has a pain.
Did I finish my Math homework?
Is that the pitter patter of rain?

The moon coming through my window,
Is a little bit too bright.
My birthday is coming soon.
Did I tell mom about the kite?

Round and round and round they go
Till all my thoughts are tired.
Everything that has happened today,
And many events prior.

Wearily, I turn over, and what do I see to my surprise?
It is exactly eight o’clock as I close my eyes.

I thought that I was so smart, and knew what was best, 
But now I understand my mom’s secret quest!

If I am to drift off to sleep at eight,
Kevin must go to bed at seven.

Finally, I have that straight!

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