Friday, February 21, 2014


Jennifer Leigh Moerschel

Old Mr. Bagley Bones lived upon the hill.
He used to laugh. He used to dance. He used to love a thrill.
He used to share his food and drink and love people all around.
The happiness, the chatter, he loved to hear the sound.

Ms. Tillie Tightrope had sorrow in her life.
All her days were difficult, and she had a load of strife.
She did not have much in the way 
of riches or sparkling pearls to wear.
But she had love, and she had kindness, 
and she knew how to care.
Mr. Bagley Bones, as he grew old, forgot how to give.
He focused only on his problems and so forgot how to live.
Ms. Tillie Tightrope made a different kind of choice
She would not let sadness rule her; she decided to rejoice.
He grew old as he forgot, and he forgot as he grew old.
He saw the whole world change; life to him felt so strange.
He would not dance; he would not laugh, 
and his tale he never told.

Ms. Tillie gave a hand, whatever place she could.
She laughed and spread delight, and loved to do what’s right.
So in return, it flooded back upon her, just as it should.

Mr. Bones took a little trip into town one day.
He met Ms. Tillie along the way.
She was full of light and love,
Had eyes so peaceful like a dove,
And by her side he longed to stay.
She saw his sadness and his grief.
She gave a kiss upon his cheek.
Told him to look up and he would be okay.
He then began to feel his worries start to slip away.

He told her that he used to be happy; he used to have great bliss.
And these kinds of friends he certainly did miss.
But the world had changed; it was a different place.
And all of this sorrow he wished to erase.
She said with a twinkle and a smile,
“Now the world has had trouble for quite a long while.
It’s always had cares and worries.
But when we help others and are not in such a hurry,
We’ll find to our surprise we’ll find to our delight,
Sometimes things turn out just exactly right.

You start to see beauty when you give to another.
When you lend a kind hand to a sister or brother
The cares start to fly and the heaviness goes away.
You might just find a brand new day.”

Tillie had an idea, she told Mr. Bones
And wondered if he might just open up his home.
“Let’s give a party and let’s celebrate!
Let’s plan a menu and let’s set a date!”

Mr. Bones was unsure; it had been quite a long while,
But he said, “Okay, I'll do it”, and then began to smile!
He’d keep a secret with delight; he’d hold it close until the special night.

The day of the party Tillie was radiant with joy.
She loved to see her friend share,
 with the excitement of a young boy.
They talked and they laughed; they ate and they danced.
Mr. Bones had even bought a brand new pair of pants!

It was finally time, for his secret to be known.
He had changed through opening up his heart and his home.
The music played by his special request.
He held the eye of each and every guest. 

Then he brought Ms. Tillie up to the stage and said,
“I am so thankful for you and all you have helped me to do.
A new day, a new me, a new page…
So I was just wondering if you would...
 Engage…yourself to me, perhaps if you are free?

I would love for you to be my wife,
And for us to spend the rest of lives
Up on this hill full of good will,
Helping others to be free from strife.”

Ms. Tillie laughed and then Ms. Tillie cried.
“I am so happy”, she delightfully sighed.
“My plan was to give to others and be content.
My plan was to live alone, but you have been sent!
Now with you there is ,
Something so wonderful and new,
And I was given the best.
So dear Mr. Bones, my answer to you is...
 Absolutely YES!”

 Mr. Bagley and Ms. Tillie joined their lives and their hearts.
In the house upon the hill they had a brand new start.
They spread their good will to all in the town,
And none who met them ever left with a frown.

Now everyone opened their homes and their lives!
They laughed and they danced and were rid of their strife!
The whole town was merry the whole town was bright.
They had learned how to give and all was made right.

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