Monday, March 10, 2014

Family Virtues

“Our Family Virtues”
Jennifer Leigh Moerschel

Sleepy time is right about nine
Oh what fun up with the sun!

Working hard in home and yard,
But the seventh day is rest we say.

Home and family is tops to us,
We think of each other,
And do not make a fuss.

Order helps in all of life
Thinking clearly rids us of strife.

Honor and respect those around
Speaking kindly we love the sound.

Fruits and veggies help us to grow
And exercise daily that we know.

We give our best whatever the task.
We are creative, productive, and make things last.

We give to others generously.
Our neighbors’ best we hope to see.

These our virtues help us live

Day by day our lives to give.


  1. For the first one, depending on your children's (child's) bedtime, you could say, "Sleepy time is great at eight", or "Sleepy time is heaven at seven".

  2. A few years ago, my husband wrote out some thoughts for our family to live by, especially to teach our children one day. It seemed that we would all remember them more easily if they rhymed :) So here is the result