Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Beverly Brittany Ballew's One Thing"

There once was a girl,
What I tell you is true,
Her name was Beverly Brittany Ballew.
She lived on the sixth floor
In the town of Corfu.
Our dear little Beverly Brittany Ballew
At the age of eight,
You would think all would be great
For Beverly Brittany Ballew.

But there is a sad face,
If you wonder, just in case,
I will tell you why she is so blue.

Little Beverly Brittany Ballew if you please,
Had travelled to Belize,
Seen a camel on its knees,
Even swung through the air on a flying trapeze.
She had spoken Chinese with ease.
This is no tease.
She had even invented a medicine for anti-fleas!
But there was one thing that she simply could not do,
Our kind little Beverly Brittany Ballew.
As much as she had tried, as much as she had said please,
She simply could not sneeze!

She had seen other kids at school everyday,
Heard others say “bless you” passing on their way.
Everyone could do it, and we have not a clue
Why poor little Beverly Brittany Ballew,
Was a little bit different, she was seen as quite strange.
For all of her accomplishments they did not range
To cover the very normal thing that would appease-
A simple, common, little sneeze.
She wanted people to bless her too.
Our sweet little Beverly Brittany Ballew
She had gone to the doctor and gone to the nurse,
But that only seemed to make things worse.
She had talked with her friends, and, her mom and her dad,
But she would walk away and still feel sad.
She had tried medicine, and foods, and sniffing silly plants;

Then one night she was speaking to her aunt
Who happened to say to our little friend,
“Oh dear Beverly Brittany Ballew,
There is something that I would like to say to you.
You are trying to sneeze on this fact I depend.
But I would like you to know that this is not the end.
You are different it is true,
But instead of seeing what you cannot do,
Let us look at all of the great gifts given to you.

You have gone around the world a time or two.
You have seen unparalleled sights like only a few.
You can sing like an angel,
Speak Chinese till you turn blue,
This is all quite wonderful Beverly Brittany Ballew.
You are kind and good and do what you should.
You even know how to work under the car hood.
So if you please, remember the trapeze,
And how you flew through the air with the greatest of ease

Still little Beverly Brittany Ballew exclaimed,
“If you please, I do not care about the trapeze,
All I want is to be like others and sneeze!”

Her aunt quickly replied,
 “Oh I see your point, I understand why,
It is so hard not to be like the other guy.
It’s normal, it’s regular and everyone knows,
A good sneeze feels great right down to your toes.
It is okay to be different and it is terrific to have gifts,
I certainly hope that this talk has given you a lift.

But please, just listen to me,
Sometimes sneezing is not all it is cracked up to be.
Just ask our friend Contessa Marie.
She happens to sneeze 1400 times in a day,
Now that is not something that I would want. NO WAY!

She cannot eat her food or go to a movie!
I tell you, no one would think that this is groovy.
Think of the hankies, think of the tissue,
And this turns into quite a big issue!
She sneezes and sneezes and cannot stop.
Sometimes she feels that her head will pop!
But somehow she is joyful somehow she is bright,
Somehow she knows that it will be all right.

She does what she can and she enjoys her life.
Contessa Marie does not live in strife.”

At this, little Beverly Brittany Ballew,
Began to cry from her eyes so blue.
She said, “I am so sorry that I have been ungrateful,
And sometimes, I have been downright hateful.
I have not been thankful for all that I get to do,”
Exclaimed grateful Beverly Brittany Ballew

“There is so much that I can give!
And so much life that I CAN live!
I would sure like to go see Contessa Marie
And bring her a big box of tissue for free.”
So off she went with a grateful heart,
Our friend had learned to do her part.

As she skips down the street and goes by a cart,
A whiff of white pepper gives her a start.
A tickle, a giggle and to her surprise,
She closes her eyes…
Pulls out a tissue…
And would you believe it

Sometimes, there may be things that we think that everyone else in the whole world can do, but it seems that it is impossible for us to do.  What do we do in that kind of situation? 
Are we sad, afraid, or lonely? 
Do we forget all of the wonderful things that we are able to do in life or that we have experienced?

Beverly Brittany Ballew needed to hear of someone else’s story before she had a grateful heart, and once she did have a grateful heart, she wanted to do something for someone else.
What does it mean to have a grateful heart?
How can you show to someone else today (and everyday) that you have a grateful heart?
What are some gifts that God has given to us?

What can I give to another person?

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Adventures of Mr. Chip Salsa!

The Adventures of Mr. Chip Salsa!
Jennifer Leigh Moerschel

Mr. Chip Salsa prefers wood that is Balsa. 
He knows these are the best kind of trees,
To build ships that sail upon the high seas.

 But he has a such an unusual name. 
Giving him much unwanted fame. 
It is sneered at by people far and wide, 
All the way from the city to the countryside.

For years he has endured
when the children would thoughtlessly say,
“Dip the Chip, Dip the Chip! 
Maybe he’ll slip into salsa! Mr. Chip Salsa!”
He hears it most every day.

The whole town laughs at his family
They don't understand and they don't see.
He takes it all to heart, and he sets himself apart,
and wonders if there is anyone in this world who is really friendly.

They never knew this pain would drive him to the high seas.

Mr. Chip Salsa was never as feisty
as some thought that he should be
Like his Aunt Guacamole who is a little “rolley polley”
Or his famous Uncle Taco and his less well known cousin Paco.

People would laugh and proclaim
that they had the silliest names,
but they just let it slide
and instead of trying to hide
they would flaunt and soak in the fame.
But when people laughed at their names,
Mr. Chip would feel so much shame.

So he built a ship to sail away.
He gave his relatives the slip,
Planned on changing his name from Chip,
And escaping to a land where it would all be okay.

Mr. Chip Salsa in his ship made from balsa
Encountered the wind and the waves.
Should he still continue or try a different venue?
He decided to keep going and be brave!

He finally did reach the land!
The very one on which he had planned,
 He had found his heart’s first desire.

But when Mr. Chip stepped off of his ship
He found himself in the wrong attire.

They all wore purple and had an orange sash.
He only had red and didn't carry much cash.

 But still on his way he did fly to make a new home and new life.

He spent most of his money on the orange and purple clothes,
and then what did he do next do you suppose?

His plan was to go to the place
Where his hated name he could erase.
But on the way there Mr. Salsa had a care,
And he slipped in the mud and fell on his face!

A man from the town came over to help,
But Mr. Salsa said, “I can do it myself!”

The kind stranger asked his name,
and Mr. Chip wished that it had already been changed.

So he just said, “I’m Chip, and
Thanks for trying to help me when I slipped.

My purpose here is to find a new name.
My old one has caused me way too much pain.
So if you don’t mind giving me a tip,
I'll be off quick as a whip
And then I may know if I need to take the train.

The man in horror exclaimed,
“Mr. Chip, you cannot change your name!
In this land it’s grand to be a Chip,
and I am Mr. Dip. 
So if you please, do not complain!”

“Here, we become friends if our names rhyme.
It really does work, all of the time!”

As they walked through the streets, Mr. Chip had a thought,
Maybe my story should have a change of plot.
I can see it could be terrific to have a friend
Someone, on whom I may depend.

Then Mr. Dip had a question,
He asked, “What’s your last name and profession?”
Mr. Chip wanted to deny
But instead he just let out a sigh,
And said he had to make a confession.

So he told him that his last name was Salsa,
And he made ships with wood that was balsa.

It had been his hope and his wish,
That life would serve him a new dish.
He was tired of Chip Salsa,
And making ships out of balsa
So maybe he should just go and be a catcher of fish.

Then Mr. Dip said with a smile,
“Spend time with me for a while.
This may seem funny
But I have an idea that could earn us some money
And it’s much better than my job of laying tile!

You see, my name is Dip Veggie
Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s heavy.
But now my new buddy,
It’s good you slipped where it was muddy.
I can offer you a ride in my car, it’s the Chevy.

Mr. Chip and Mr. Dip were great friends!
They started entertaining since their voices could blend.
They would dance and they would sing,
Even went before the King!
These happy times helped Mr. Chip’s hurts to mend.

Mr. Chip was now valued and admired,
Whether or not he wore the orange and purple attire.
He had a great friend, on whom he really could depend,
And to marvelous dreams they did aspire.

As they finished one of their shows,
A few new thoughts in Mr. Chip's mind arose.

To Mr. Dip he exclaimed,
“Maybe, maybe I should just change my last name.
And there is one thing I know that I must proclaim as true.
This one thing I have learned, this one thing I must admit
Chip can do without Salsa, but certainly not without Dip!!!”

Monday, March 10, 2014

Family Virtues

“Our Family Virtues”
Jennifer Leigh Moerschel

Sleepy time is right about nine
Oh what fun up with the sun!

Working hard in home and yard,
But the seventh day is rest we say.

Home and family is tops to us,
We think of each other,
And do not make a fuss.

Order helps in all of life
Thinking clearly rids us of strife.

Honor and respect those around
Speaking kindly we love the sound.

Fruits and veggies help us to grow
And exercise daily that we know.

We give our best whatever the task.
We are creative, productive, and make things last.

We give to others generously.
Our neighbors’ best we hope to see.

These our virtues help us live

Day by day our lives to give.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Charlie's Secret Treasure

“Charlie's Secret Treasure”
By Jennifer Moerschel
 Charlie Nix has three sticks
that he keeps with him everyday.
His three sticks attract baby chicks
when he holds them in a certain way.
He loves baby chicks,
so he keeps his three sticks
on a string around his neck.
His favorite picks of those baby chicks
are the two white ones from yesterday.
 He takes his three sticks to school and in class
He heard his teacher say,
“Charlie Nix, tell us about your sticks, in show and tell today."
A little nervous to tell about his sticks,
Charlie Nix gave his story away.
He told about his sticks attracting baby chicks
in a very funny way!
They all thought Charlie Nix
had something they needed to fix
after hearing his story that day.
So they tried to get his sticks
and he had to take some licks,
but never could they steal them away!
Little Charlie Nix
thought he would get some kicks
at school without delay.
 So he brought his baby chicks,
put them in the mix
and hoped they’d not run away.
 Once again, Charlie Nix
showed his favorite sticks
to his classmates on Friday.
 He brought out his baby chicks
and when he’d held his three sticks
in a very certain way,
The whole class saw those sticks
attracting baby chicks and cried,
“Charlie Nix, Hurray!”

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kevin's Bedtime

“Kevin’s Bedtime”
Jennifer Leigh Moerschel

My mom says that eight is too late
 For me to go to bed.

So at seven I hear,
“Kevin it’s time to go to sleep”, instead.

Over and over she has heard my plea,
“Tonight, I should go to bed at eight, 
It is not too late for me!”

But my mom never budges; she never gives in!
It is always the same, this argument I cannot win!

So into bed I woefully go.
I cannot fall asleep at seven;
I have told her so.

I try to get comfortable; I try to rest…

My sheets feel scratchy!
My pajamas are too tight!
My pillow is not fluffy!
Things just don’t feel right!

My throat is thirsty.
My leg has a pain.
Did I finish my Math homework?
Is that the pitter patter of rain?

The moon coming through my window,
Is a little bit too bright.
My birthday is coming soon.
Did I tell mom about the kite?

Round and round and round they go
Till all my thoughts are tired.
Everything that has happened today,
And many events prior.

Wearily, I turn over, and what do I see to my surprise?
It is exactly eight o’clock as I close my eyes.

I thought that I was so smart, and knew what was best, 
But now I understand my mom’s secret quest!

If I am to drift off to sleep at eight,
Kevin must go to bed at seven.

Finally, I have that straight!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Jennifer Leigh Moerschel

Old Mr. Bagley Bones lived upon the hill.
He used to laugh. He used to dance. He used to love a thrill.
He used to share his food and drink and love people all around.
The happiness, the chatter, he loved to hear the sound.

Ms. Tillie Tightrope had sorrow in her life.
All her days were difficult, and she had a load of strife.
She did not have much in the way 
of riches or sparkling pearls to wear.
But she had love, and she had kindness, 
and she knew how to care.
Mr. Bagley Bones, as he grew old, forgot how to give.
He focused only on his problems and so forgot how to live.
Ms. Tillie Tightrope made a different kind of choice
She would not let sadness rule her; she decided to rejoice.
He grew old as he forgot, and he forgot as he grew old.
He saw the whole world change; life to him felt so strange.
He would not dance; he would not laugh, 
and his tale he never told.

Ms. Tillie gave a hand, whatever place she could.
She laughed and spread delight, and loved to do what’s right.
So in return, it flooded back upon her, just as it should.

Mr. Bones took a little trip into town one day.
He met Ms. Tillie along the way.
She was full of light and love,
Had eyes so peaceful like a dove,
And by her side he longed to stay.
She saw his sadness and his grief.
She gave a kiss upon his cheek.
Told him to look up and he would be okay.
He then began to feel his worries start to slip away.

He told her that he used to be happy; he used to have great bliss.
And these kinds of friends he certainly did miss.
But the world had changed; it was a different place.
And all of this sorrow he wished to erase.
She said with a twinkle and a smile,
“Now the world has had trouble for quite a long while.
It’s always had cares and worries.
But when we help others and are not in such a hurry,
We’ll find to our surprise we’ll find to our delight,
Sometimes things turn out just exactly right.

You start to see beauty when you give to another.
When you lend a kind hand to a sister or brother
The cares start to fly and the heaviness goes away.
You might just find a brand new day.”

Tillie had an idea, she told Mr. Bones
And wondered if he might just open up his home.
“Let’s give a party and let’s celebrate!
Let’s plan a menu and let’s set a date!”

Mr. Bones was unsure; it had been quite a long while,
But he said, “Okay, I'll do it”, and then began to smile!
He’d keep a secret with delight; he’d hold it close until the special night.

The day of the party Tillie was radiant with joy.
She loved to see her friend share,
 with the excitement of a young boy.
They talked and they laughed; they ate and they danced.
Mr. Bones had even bought a brand new pair of pants!

It was finally time, for his secret to be known.
He had changed through opening up his heart and his home.
The music played by his special request.
He held the eye of each and every guest. 

Then he brought Ms. Tillie up to the stage and said,
“I am so thankful for you and all you have helped me to do.
A new day, a new me, a new page…
So I was just wondering if you would...
 Engage…yourself to me, perhaps if you are free?

I would love for you to be my wife,
And for us to spend the rest of lives
Up on this hill full of good will,
Helping others to be free from strife.”

Ms. Tillie laughed and then Ms. Tillie cried.
“I am so happy”, she delightfully sighed.
“My plan was to give to others and be content.
My plan was to live alone, but you have been sent!
Now with you there is ,
Something so wonderful and new,
And I was given the best.
So dear Mr. Bones, my answer to you is...
 Absolutely YES!”

 Mr. Bagley and Ms. Tillie joined their lives and their hearts.
In the house upon the hill they had a brand new start.
They spread their good will to all in the town,
And none who met them ever left with a frown.

Now everyone opened their homes and their lives!
They laughed and they danced and were rid of their strife!
The whole town was merry the whole town was bright.
They had learned how to give and all was made right.